Practice Makes Perfect

During the three and a half weeks we spent in Europe, I became pretty accustomed to the different kinds of transportation that we used. From train to bus to subway, I actually started appreciating the public transportation. At home, I only get around by car. Nothing is really close enough to reach by foot, so using a car is my only option. I never employ train or bus to travel around Austin or Fort Worth, so, as you can imagine, travel using these options were completely unfamiliar. This probably explains the many, many close calls that came along with trains and other methods of travel.

Although, in the beginning, trains and subways were somewhat of a disaster for us, we eventually became public transportation masters. I ultimately started to enjoy train rides. Because we did have such a sharp change in our ability to make train rides relaxing experiences, I wanted to list a few things that I learned about trains, subways, and buses.

  • Subway cars and buses can get really crowded. It is extremely uncomfortable, but you still get where you’re going.
  • Buses can be prime places for pit-pocketing, so be careful.
  • For some reason, it is harder to make the next train when the layover is longer.
  • A bag moving routine helped us A LOT in train travel (I sincerely thank everyone who lugged the bags on and off of the trains).
  • Your conversation on the train/subway can be heard by everyone. Everyone.
  • People typically don’t like it when a large group of Americans sings Taylor Swift loudly on any sort of public transportation.
  • Long train rides can be great opportunities to rest or blog (or plan your wedding). Usually, I slept.
  • Trains are pretty relaxing once they start moving. As long as you know your stop and have friends that will wake you up from your nap, of course.
  • Long train rides are great chances to get to know the people near you because so many great conversations can happen.
  • Closing subway doors can be opened pretty easily as long as you use a decent amount of force. No one wants to be left behind.
  • Trains and subways can be the much needed foot-resting time when you have been walking around all day.

After reflecting on our public transportation experiences, I am beginning to realize that I actually miss trains and subways and buses. Once we arrived in Italy and most travel was done by foot, I was much less stressed, but I do think that trains will always have a special place in my heart. We had so many exhilarating, terrifying, and hilarious experiences that will stay with me for the rest of my lifetime. I am really considering travelling by train between Austin and Fort Worth in the future.