HUGE train fans

You know what’s really nifty? Trains. After visiting Europe and discovering the convenience of train travel, I propose that the United States make greater use of passenger trains. Even President Donald Trump recognizes that America’s infrastructure is not up to par. Living in Austin, and I’m sure Andrea feels the same way living in Atlanta, the traffic is almost unbearable because the infrastructure is just not there. In Europe, at least the cities we visited, the underground trains for travel inside the city and the above ground trains for intercity or country travel, made traveling a lot more convenient and productive. That being said, there were some not so pleasant moments that we spent on the train.

Many times trains were hot, sweaty, and crowded. We also found ourselves in one of two situations: being glared at by annoyed passengers (usually German) for being loud; or, surrounded by a drunk and rowdy group (oftentimes after a soccer game) that other passengers glared at. In addition, there were too many close calls to count when trying to make the train. In Munich, Cole was not paying attention and didn’t get on the subway with the rest of our group causing Cassidy and me to simultaneously laugh and cry. Luckily he caught up with us at the next stop, but there were certainly many more moments of panic on the trip caused by train travel. However, whether we were cramped, sweating, or both, I wouldn’t trade our train experiences for anything.

Train rides gave us time to reflect, blog, bond, or catch up on much-needed sleep. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that moments on the train are some of the most memorable. People put their bodies on the line for the team. Meaning, many people tripped up stairs or used their body as a doorstop to make sure everyone made it on the train. I hadn’t seen that much teamwork since my days in high school basketball. Trains were a time to see everyone at their most vulnerable: where tensions were high, deep talks common, and people slept in the oddest positions. I loved joking around with everyone on the train, but I also loved the stressful aspects which showed how resilient and determined CR9 is.

I hold train memories so dear because they contained moments of every single person working together towards a common goal. Besides that, the U and S bahn made getting around Berlin and Munich super easy and fast. Taking the Eurorail across the country or to the next country gave us time to reflect and see the countryside. In summation, trains are awesome. I am a train convert. I think it is time for the U.S. to hop on the train bandwagon to make travel easier and simpler.

Also, enjoy the picture above. It is a common saying that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but the night train proved that wrong for me.