Last 10 hours in Rome: Goodbye CR9

All students are now either safely on flights or have already arrived in their final European destinations.  The last 10 hours were emotional, happy, and exhilarating; all of us are exhausted, sad to separate from the familia of CR9, and excited to return home and see family.

I want to share what an honor it was to travel, study, and work with these 16 students: they did things the right way and made the most of the experience academically and socially without compromising their character. The Honors College, TCU, and Cultural Routes could not have asked for better ambassadors—everywhere we stayed people commented on their politeness, inquisitiveness, and overall joy.  Thank you for sending them to TCU and allowing them to experience Cultural Routes!

Enjoy the final photos and look forward to reading final reflections from CR9 in the coming days!