Apple pie and baseball 

The past week has been incredible. After the adventures in Switzerland, we stopped in the beautiful Cinque Terre, Italy. We hiked, swam in the ocean, and ate some delicious seafood. After our two nights in Cinque Terre, we headed over to the historic Florence. In Florence, we split up into groups, navigated the city, and saw some of its amazing sites. I was especially intrigued by this city, as I grew up playing the video game Assassins Creed. One of the versions of the game took place in Florence. It was surreal to look at the ginormous churches and stare at the beautiful red roofs – both architectural wonders that I remember from the game. After 5 nights in Florence, we arrived in Rome. So far, Rome has been tremendous and I’ve been blown away by its vast history. I feel like I could spend months here.

On Tuesday, we got the privilege of touring the Coliseum. We were led by an amazing guide, Olga. Along the tour, someone asked Olga what she thought of Americans (most likely Davis). Her response was particularly interesting, as she basically said that most people enjoy Americans because they’re fun but they don’t care about history. As someone studying abroad, this was sad to hear. Olga’s comments reminded me of my conversation with the woman on the train on the way to Switzerland. The woman was thrilled to see our group studying other cultures because she was worried that Americans have been losing their desire to learn and travel. While these comments aren’t exactly flattering, it’s refreshing to hear that people are impressed that we are taking time away from our summer’s to travel. And not just travel but experience Europe and all that it has to offer. I look forward to finishing strong and experiencing Rome. I’m proud of our group for desiring to stretch ourselves socially and intellectually. May we continue to strive to be global citizens long after this trip ends.

Here’s to Americans who like to laugh and have fun BUT also care about history.