A Farewell to the Eurail Pass

Dear Eurail Pass,

I am so sad to see you go. When we first met, you were so pristine, unwrinkled, and had eight empty spaces. I remember looking at your empty spaces and wondering how I would ever fill all of them with travel days to new cities. Then I looked down today at you all folded up and wrinkled, and all the empty spaces were full. In the course of a month we boarded a night train from Berlin to Munich, then traveled to Switzerland, to Cinque Terre, to Florence with day trips to Tuscany and Pisa, and finally we boarded our last train to Rome. It is pretty amazing that in a short amount of time, we could use the train system to see more of Europe than many people would ever see in a life time without this infrastructure. For example, in the amount of time I spent hiking from one town in Cinque Terre to another just a few miles away, I could grab you, board a train, and end up hundreds of miles away in a completely different country.

I will miss being woken up from a solid power nap to pull you out of my bag to show you to an angry looking German conductor. I will miss running through the streets and up the stairs with my massive luggage and you in my hand to catch a train that we are running so late for. I will miss staring out the window with you in my lap with my headphones in looking angsty when I really am just listening to Taylor Swift. More than anything, I will miss boarding trains with you in one city, and stepping off of them somewhere entirely new with no idea of what to expect. How could I have known when I wrote the date in your little spaces and stepped on the train that I would actually enjoy learning history in Germany, jump out of a plane in Interlaken, fall in love with an amazing group of eighteen exceptional people in Cinque Terre and Florence, and become like family with them in Rome.

So farewell Eurail pass. I am impressed that I never lost you, even if you are falling apart and a little folded up.You have served me so well, and it has been a pleasure traveling with you through this incredible experience.

Your travel companion,