We’re breaking free 

My time spent in Interlaken, Switzerland was amazing. I was blown away by the city’s huge mountains, beautiful lakes, and pristine views. While I heard that we would have time to adventure and partake in some excursions, I had no idea what I was getting into. Had you told me before the trip that I would have dived out of a plane and jumped/repelled down a canyon in the Alps, I would not have believed you.

The day before all of the adventures, we sat down in the hostel lobby and learned about the many opportunities. I was initially terrified about the idea of canyoning. Despite not being the best swimmer, when I heard most of the group talking about the adventure, I knew I had to go. Some positive peer pressure can be a good thing, right? When the idea of jumping out of a plane from 11,000 feet high came up, I was surprisingly calm. I had always wanted to skydive and figured there was no better place to do it than the Alps. I thought that canyoning was already stepping out of my comfort zone and I love to live by the phrase “go big or go home,” so I decided to literally dive out of my comfort zone.

The whole day was a blast. We got up early, put on our wetsuits, and made it down the frigid water in a few hours. We all worked together as a team, encouraged each other, and had an excellent time. After canyoning, we were ate some scrumptious traditional Swiss cheese. After regrouping and mentally preparing for the next obstacle, we got on the bus to the skydiving facility. The quick training flew by, and before we knew it we were soaring above the clouds overlooking some of the best mountains in the world. 6 minutes later, I hit the ground and sat in shock. It was a fantastic day.