Significant Baby Steps 

Above is a compilation of texts from my mom, dad, sister, and best friend from back home. You may notice some common themes of shock, being impressed, and love. Well this is because the above texts are in response to a video I previously sent them of me paragliding, essentially flying through the sky with a giant parachute. Now paragliding is by no means a highly challenging or risky activity, especially compared to the activities that some of my peers partook in like skydiving and canyoning, but for me, a very low risk, low adventure type of gal, paragliding was quite the experience. When I signed up for paragliding I knew I was stepping out of my comfort zone, but it wasn’t until I received the above texts that I knew I had done something only a new and improved Chandler would do, and honestly, that made the experience even greater. Not only did the paragliding experience allow me to witness the beauty of the Swiss Alps from a view only adventures and birds get, and fly freely through the crisp mountain air with one of my new good friends from the trip, Molly, but it gave me a chance to step into one of my goals for the trip of being adventurous and see it actually all play out in an amazing way. 

It was so cool to see that by being applauded and encouraged by my family and friends, I was able to more clearly see the growth that had happened inside me. Along with the inspiration to continue to step outside of my comfort zone, applauding others in their growth so that they too continue to grow, are things that have taken away from this experience and will continue to use on CR and in life. I also learned that baby steps are still a significant and effective way of walking away from comfort: I may not have had as positive result if I had taken a huge step and gone skydiving. I am so grateful to CR for giving me the opportunity to take these steps, especially in the beauty of Interlaken, and to my friends and family for giving me the love and support that made the experience even more wonderful, I love you all. Here’s to even more steps outside the comfort zone!

With love,

A new and improved, slightly more adventurous, Chandler.