Checking the Swiss Alps Off My Bucket List

Ever since I saw The Sound of Music and also fell in love with zip lining my freshman year of high school, it’s been on my bucket list to zip line through the Swiss Alps. Though it may not have been exactly zip lining, I definitely upgraded when I found myself flying through the Swiss Alps yesterday. Not only did I fly, but just hours earlier I found myself jumping from canyons into small areas of water. Let’s remember, I struggle to jump off the cliffs at the river in Georgia where I have a large body of water below me. This time, I had circles of water about five feet wide and also had to jump in specific positions…”superman” … “canon ball” …. pretty sure each time I jumped, my legs just dangled until I landed. Twenty four hours earlier, I was unsure of my decision to go canyoning. I instantly knew I made the right decision when I came up from the first jump and everyone cheered. The entire time we cheered each other on as a team which made the experience even more memorable and incredible as I got to canyon with some of the most awesome people I know. Also, I likely would have floated down more of the river if it weren’t for Dr. P grabbing me at the last jump. (I promise I was safe the whole time Mom.)

Following my jumps through the canyon came my bucket list moment: flying through the Swiss Alps. Jacey, Lance, and I signed up to hang glide, and I can full heartedly say it counts as one of the top ten things I’ve ever done. If you’ve ever been on Soarin’ at Epcot in Walt Disney World, it’s the real version of that and 20 times cooler. Funny enough, we got to experience authentic Swiss culture on our trip up the mountain to our take off. We followed some cows on their yearly walk down the mountain after they had been milked. We even loved the sound of the cow bells on their necks. Quick side note, there’s something extra cool about drinking milk with breakfast knowing it came from a cow you passed the day before. Anyway, the person flying my big bird like wings was also named Andrea and was from Italy. Having the same name is a good luck charm for flight, right? You definitely get a different perspective of Interlaken from up above. It truly does get its name from its location, nestled between two glacier water lakes. No wonder World War II didn’t make its way to Switzerland; trekking through the Alps seems very infeasible with army gear, especially when you look at them from above. Also, considering that’s the closest I’ve ever been to flying like bird, the adrenaline rush does not compare to anything else I’ve done, especially when Andrea asks me if I like roller coasters, then free falls for a few seconds before flying back up. Interlaken will forever remind me of experiences I can’t find anywhere else. From flying through the Alps to hiking up them and throwing snow balls at each other, Interlaken felt like a dream and fairytale. Next stop, Cinque Terre!