Welcome to Interlaken

As many of you know, we’ve arrived in Interlaken. Below are images of our experience on the train to Interlaken: we made all the trains with major time to spare but were “entertained” by a German bachelor party. Essentially, they kidnapped the groom and were on their way to a day of unknown adventures and plenty of drinking. During a 2.5 hour stretch, they drank three full cases of beer … disturbing and alarming … but also entertaining to watch. I took a selfie. We finished our first night sharing a long meal of real Swiss fondue.

Today students chose their own adventures. They have all returned healthy and full of excitement. Seriously, I am siting here and the most common phrase is “this was the best day of my life.” I know they will post. Some are waiting on photos and videos. And yes … some of the students are featured flying in the gallery below. For now, enjoy the beautiful sites of Interlaken and study closely the photos to see if your student is flying.