Today’s episode of: “I’m in Europe without my parents”

So this blog is a sequence of events for my SKYDIVING adventure with Davis, Riley, and Cole. We (along with Kate and Cassidy, who went earlier in the day) decided yesterday that skydiving would be the best / most insane thing we could possibly do, so why not jump out of a plane?? Here we go. Also, this is my formal apology to my Mom and Dad. I have neglected to inform them of this adventure until I return home safely. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk to them when I’m back. 


3:28 pm: The four of us just met in the lobby of the hostel. We are waiting for our dudes from the skydiving company to come pick us up. We just heard word from Cassidy and Kate, who skydived earlier than us. They said it was absolutely amazing. We hope it’ll be the same for us!!!!!! Morale is VERY high. We are a bit nervous, but mostly super excited. We have concluded that we get more nervous for exams than we are for this… not sure how to think of that. Typical honors students (lol). Also, Cole and I both ate an entire pizza to ourselves just an hour ago. We are hoping we don’t throw up in the middle of the air. 

3:35 pm: Our dude still isn’t here. What’s going on?? He was supposed to be here 5 minutes ago… Hoping everything’s okay. 

3:38 pm: Getting antsy. Davis just asked the front-desk workers where the Skydive Company is, because we are #ready #to #go. “They should be here soon,” says Nathalie, our homegirl at the front desk. 

3:45 pm: The bus arrives to the hostel. Here are Cassidy and Kate!!! They survived. 

3:46 pm: ON THE BUS!! Our driver just made a sick joke. She told us that statistically, 1 out of every 1,000 parachutes doesn’t open. Apparently we are at about 994, so the odds aren’t looking good. 

3:50 pm: Also, this bus is so hot. I’m sweating. 

3:52 pm: Our driver just told us that Red Bull emailed Scenic Air (the company through which we are doing this insane thing), and Red Bull ranked this company #4 in the world for best skydiving. We are in good hands, Mom and Dad (at least we hope)!!!

3:56 pm: Signing our lives away on a waiver. Whoops. 

4:16 pm: This bus ride is a lot longer than we thought. We are definitely not in Interlaken anymore. Still very warm and smelly on this bus. 

4:25 pm: We arrive at the “Scenic Air” Drop-Zone. We get started right away with instructions. 

4:28 pm: We receive our gear and put on our jumpsuits. We are feeling pretttttty fly. Next thing we know, the manager has us on the ground practicing how to fall out of an airplane. All I can think about is that I’m going to be falling out of an airplane in 20 minutes. 

4:30 pm: We receive our tandem skydive guides. A man named Craig is my guide. He’s the man, and he’s from Scotland. He says he’s been skydiving for 10 years, and spent 2 years in Dubai skydiving, but he says that Skydiving in Interlaken is better than Dubai (ayyyyeee let’s go!!!!). 

4:35 pm: Cole, Davis, Riley and I say a quick prayer for safety. 

4:40 pm: We get on the plane. This is the smallest plane I have ever been on in my life. Pretty sketchy. There are 12 people sitting on the ground of this plane. 

4:43 pm: The plane takes off. We are high-key freaking out right now. There’s absolutely no turning back. We start climbing up into the air. 

4:50 pm: THIS VIEW IS ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING. The most beautiful view in the world. We see the Swiss Alps on the left, and Interlaken is right below us. I can’t believe what’s going on. 



5:04 pm: IM FREE FALLING THROUGH THE AIR. In 45 seconds, I drop 8,000 feet, and I fall at 200 km/hr. This is absolutely the most incredible feeling in the world. The entire world is below me. I don’t even know what I’m thinking. 

5:05 pm – 5:13 pm: The parachute opens up and we cruise down to the ground. I am flying. This is absolutely beautiful and amazing. There’s really no way to describe how I am feeling right now. 

5:15 pm: We land on the ground. Craig (my guide) is the man and took me on the best adventure of my life. 

5:17 pm: All 4 of us have landed. We embrace in a huge group hug. This was the best day of our entire lives. We all decide we want to do this again. Riley and I also decide we are going to get trained to become skydive instructors in Interlaken. So catch us here in 10 years throwing people off planes. 

Best. Day. Ever.