Sometimes We See Odd yet Significant Things

On one of our night adventures we “discovered” the makeshift Michael Jackson memorial in Munich. Situated outside a hotel the King of Pop stayed in for a significant period of time. Adoring fans of Michael Jacksons set-up the memorial at the base of a statue remembering the Franco-Flemish Renaissance composer Orlande de Lassus. No pays Lassus any attention, for the space is a site of pilgrimage for MJ fans. While standing there and listening to some classic tunes, we met people from Turkey and Belgium who come to light candles. Munich citizens are not big fans: They’ve tried to tear down the MJ materials … only to have MJ fans rebuild the site. Word is that Munich citizens have actually planted stashes of bird seed in the area to encourage the bird population to make the space uninviting. Plant all you will Muencheners,  fans of the King of Pop are still visiting … CR met them!

Enjoy the photos.