Post Night Train Status

I stumbled off of the night train with my ratty hair and two day old clothes more tired than I have ever been. I thought to myself just make it through today, pretty much ready to count the day out because I wanted rest from the eventful night before. But what has happened since my feet and my giant overpacked bag stepped off that night train is so much more amazing than what I was hoping for. Since that moment, we have explored the city that looks like a village, had a dance party that got the police called on us, had deep talks at a gelato store when the rain came, roasted the tour guide from the Reichstag at dinner, run to catch more trains, gotten the FULL European park experience, hiked a mountain to see an unreal castle, sprinted back down the mountain to catch more trains, and laughed and gotten to know each other so much better.


I’m a big believer in a good shower and I do love my full 8-10 hours of sleep. I feel in my comfort zone when I am at my best, but there is something to be said about friends who love you when your clothes smell bad and you literally fall asleep standing up against a train pole. I have realized that I can not be at my best all the time but I shouldn’t count myself out of any experience because of that reality. There are great memories to be made in two day old clothes and relationships to be formed when you get real. The night train bonded our group, but the patience and positivity shown by each person on the trip after made possible some of my favorite memories of the whole trip. Bye, Munich! Sorry I wanted to sleep through you, so happy you didn’t let me.