It’s CRiesta Time!

Tonight, we journeyed far, far away. Two S-Bahn stops away…. Where exactly you might ask? Colombia. 

In a restaurant amid a residential neighborhood of Munich, my assurance in my Spanish major was affirmed–not necessarily because of skill or know how, but rather for the extraordinary event that dinner entailed. 

At first, it was like any typical dinner I would say. We entered El Gordo Loco and sat at our abnormally long, 18-person table within the tightly packed venue. With traditional oranges and yellows sponged onto the walls and sombreros lodged in the rafters, the Hispanic culinary experience had evidently come to southern Germany. Andrea and I (as well as Cole, surprisingly–but also not surprisingly if I’m being honest) were flaunting beaming smiles when we discovered that our waitress, Mrs. Sarah, spoke el español. Of course, we took that opportunity to converse and order our food and drinks in Spanish, which made my day, for sure. Then, when I thought my day had peaked, the food came out, and wow, was it amazing. It wasn’t your typical German cuisine; regardless, every individual loved it. 

Before continuing, I need to set up a little analogy. For anyone who has ever had the pleasure of hiking, you know about false peaks. You near the height of the mountain that you’ve been hoping to reach for quite some time. However, you finally make it to the top and realize that the best is still yet to come. That was us after finishing our meals. 

The lights in the already dimly lit building flicked off, one by one. As the last light clicked off, colored lights and blaring music filled the room with life. On that cue, the restaurant owner, Martín, strolled over to the table with two drinks, each topped with flaming, sparking firecrackers (essentially resembling a stick of dynamite). Before we knew it, we were celebrating Madeline and Kendall’s birthdays, which may or may not have occurred over a month ago. 

The night was just beginning. With Colombian dance music fueling the room’s energy, we students, along with Dr. Pitcock, Mollie, Mrs. Sarah, the bartender, and several other customers in the restaurant, embarked on a cultural journey to a South American discoteca. With the sombreros from the rafters atop our heads and the workers in the restaurant teaching us their Latin moves, CR9 was 100% in its element. 

Not a soul expected to eat Colombian cuisine for dinner tonight. Not a soul expected to dance the night away to Hispanic dance music. However, not a soul did not have the time of their life tonight. Look out for a CRinco de Mayo CRiesta in the future because tonight was too good to only live out once.