CR9’s First Day: All is Well

Everyone arrived today having survived various delays and plane issues (Riley and Chandler win award for “Scariest Encounter with Turbulence”) with bags in tow.  Tonight we enjoyed dinner at Twelve Apostles Pizza and then went on a mini-night adventure to Bebleplatz and Hackascher Market. At our last stop we met an over-exuberant gelato server who tossed scoops 5 feet in the air and caught the scoops in cups. I share this not only because it is impressive but also because gelato connoisseurs know that this is impossible with authentic gelato. I digress.  The server was so taken with the CR9er’s (all of whom thanked him) that he wanted a photo with the group behind the counter. A second group of young Belgian men also wanted a photo … but they were drawn to CR9’s fashionable appearance rather than our manners.

Most of the group seems tired. Tomorrow is our first full day in Berlin; it’s a busy one filled with excitement for discovery and the joy of exploration. Enjoy the photos from tonight–you can see them in larger formats if you click on one and then scroll through.

Best, RP