On my way to the airport!

This is really happening!! I’ve heard about CR for so long from literally every person I love at TCU, but now I am ready to leave and start my own adventure with 17 of the greatest people on Earth (think?). It should be good.

This was supposed to be written before I depart for Europe, so I figured on the way to the airport was a good place to start! There’s so much to say, I don’t even know where to begin. I am obviously incredibly excited, and ready for the time of my life, but for me that comes with reservations as well. So, I figured I’d just list a few.

I am excited…

-to land in Berlin and be reunited with the frog friends I’ve missed the last few days.

-to dump our bags and begin traveling through the city.

-to get put in my small group and begin to bond with the other people.

-to begin learning and growing surrounded by some incredible people.

-for the sights, sounds, smells, and food of places half way around the world.

-for this journey to begin!!!


I have reservations about…

-the 12+ hours of travel I am looking at.

-the exhaustion that will hit me in the first full day in Berlin.

-the personality clashing that is bound to happen and will have to be worked through.

-the fact that I definitely over packed!!


Clearly, there are more things I am excited about than things I have reservations about.  I get stressed out easily, so I have thought a lot about my reservations, but I believe I am more than ready to face them and push past them. There are so many challenges that come along with a trip of this magnitude. Simple ones like getting up early every day – I am not a morning person by the stretch of anyone’s imagination. Medium ones like walking 10 miles a day for weeks on end – lets hope I brought good (enough?) shoes  for that. And hard ones – mentally wrapping my head around visiting WWII memorials and concentration camps where I know my extended family passed through. However, if being in team sports has taught me anything, it is that teammates are there to pick you up when you’re down, kick your butt when it needs kickin, and just be there when you need them most. I expect nothing less of the 17 other people currently en route to, or in, Berlin. By the end of the three and a half weeks, we won’t be teammates, but familia, which is probably even better.

I can’t wait to be tossed into this trip in just a few short hours and begin to explore the culture, history, and people of each different city. I can’t wait to learn from these 17 amazing people because they each have a ton to offer. I can’t wait to see what adventures we have in store for us, and how we make this CR 9 our own.

If I have one goal for this entire trip, it is to “let loose”, “live a little”, “relax”, and “enjoy”. I have heard each one of those phrases from friends and family who think I need to “chill out” a bit, and hopefully I have finally taken it to heart. I am great at putting up walls, spectacular at controlling and micromanaging situations, and somehow even better at avoiding things and compartmentalizing painful experiences. However, I want to fully embrace each and every part of this trip, these people, and these experiences. To do that, I know what I have to work on, and I plan to do just that.

I am beyond excited for this journey to begin, see y’all in Europe!