NAE NAE-ing at Gate A37

Not to anyone’s surprise, I am, again, the last person to post their blog. Although some may think this is a sign of procrastination, the last blog to be posted stays at the top of the feed, so really it’s a strategic move.

Anyway, here I am sitting at the gate in Denver waiting to board my flight to Germany. It is interesting sitting in the waiting area looking around at who all is waiting to board this nine hour flight to the other side of the world. Who would you expect to be on a flight from Denver, CO to Munich, Germany? Chandler and I quickly discovered that one thing was not like the rest in the waiting area – that thing was us. The majority of the people around us are elderly, German individuals. Unlike Chandler and I, who are on our way to explore three magical, foreign countries, these people are going home. I often forget that the famous cities of Berlin and Florence and Rome are home to normal people just like us. I hope while I am running around these historic cities these next few weeks I have the opportunity to invest in these often overlooked residents. 

I used to be on the dance team when I was in high school. Before my team and I would go on to perform at competitions we would all feel extremely NAE – nervous, anxious, and excited. There are no other emotions that consume me in these heart pounding, blood pumping moments as these three. Over the past few months I have felt this indescribable mix of emotions leading up to this moment right here, sitting at gate A37, about to begin this amazing journey. And sitting here at gate A37 just moments before boarding, I am more nervous, anxious, and excited for CR9 then ever before. I believe that these three emotions are all equally essential and important for this crazy, amazing adventure ahead of me.

I am Nervous…

  • To find the Starbucks in the Berlin airport
  • To walk a casual marathon everyday
  • For clashing personalities
  • To not getting enough alone time to recharge 
  • For the days that all I want to do is sleep 
  • To be vulnerable with everyone on the trip

I am Anxious…

  • For the twelve hour travel day to be over
  • To find the Starbucks
  • To finally find out what we are going to do
  • To see why Cultural Routes is so special
  • To get to know the seventeen other people on this trip with me
  • To see how I will grow, mature, and learn over these next three weeks

I am Excited….

  • To be in Europe with these amazing people!!! 
  • To adventure around foreign cities I have never been to
  • To form deep, genuine friend ships with everyone
  • To learn about the rich history of each city
  • To hang glide over Switzerland 
  • For the unexpected and spontaneous moments 
  • To understand what it means to be familia

I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this point forward. Although I have heard countless stories from past CR members, I don’t think anything could prepare me for what I am about to embark upon. So with an open mind and enthusiastic heart, I am ready to NAE NAE my way out of America and start this adventure in Berlin!